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First Event Social Network day 2014

Deaf Community

Burjassot - Valencia

Last Saturday 26th May 2014 the Visualfy team we move to Burjassot, Valencia, to celebrate the 1st Day (RED) Social Disability, Coexistence and Entrepreneurship.

The event was promoted by the Social Network Project Association, this event has been organized to promote the following objectives identified:

Establish a general framework of cooperation and collaboration between citizens, companies and institutions entities working "with and for" people with disabilities, which impact on a greater commitment from society, focusing efforts on the "search for accomplices" between: citizenship, civil society, business and government.

Many workshops and conferences organized by both associations and public and private organizations were held.

From Visualfy assemble a stand where we were solving technology to people with hearing problems doubts.

The day was a success and we hope to repeat next year.

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