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Currently we are undergoing testing and accessibility may not be available.

Soon we enjoy all the web adapted to sign language and other improvements in accessibility.

Sorry for the disturbances.


Visualfy App

Download Visualfy App for FREE and you will be able to customize as you like all alerts, warnings and notifications in your Smartphone or Tablet

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"Mobile with Visualfy Menu and DSS Device".

Deaf Smart Space

Kit to turn any home into a space adapted to your needs. It consists of a Deaf Smart Space device and 4 microphones

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"Mobile with Visualfy Menu and DSS Device".

Deaf Smart Space

The Deaf Smart Space is a pioneering system that listens what is happening at home and sends us all the adapted information to the Smartphone, Smartwach or Smart TV.

For instance:
2 Green vibrations - The doorbell is ringing.
3 Yellow vibrations - The baby is crying.
4 Red vibrations - The fire alarm is sounding.


DSS components

The DSS comprises a main device with a microphone and several additional microphones that you can distribute all over the house.

This revolutionary system is able to collect all household auditory information and send it to any intelligent device, such as mobile, TV, a bracelet, a clock, a pillow vibrator or home lights.


Your notifications
with Visualfy

You can configure a color, image or vibration pattern for each notification.

For instance: You can lighting green the full screen of your Smartphone with the Whatsapp icon and three short vibrations when you get a message, or lighting blue screen with the Facebook icon and without vibration when you get a notification.

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"Three Mobile Profile with Visualfy App".

More features

You can adapt visual and sensory any Smartphone or Tablet notification, such as alarm, clock alarm or reminders. And also, third-party app such as Twitter, Facebook, games notifications...

You can decide when and how you want to receive the alerts, you can create your own vibration pattern, you can enable the sleep mode or you can invite your friends and all completely FREE.

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"Mobile in Perspective with Visualfy App".