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Currently we are undergoing testing and accessibility may not be available.

Soon we enjoy all the web adapted to sign language and other improvements in accessibility.

Sorry for the disturbances.



In the last years we have experienced many changes regarding people with hearing problems.

Due to new accessibility laws established in some countries, projects like Visualfy make available basic needs such as access to international communication that a few years ago were unthinkable for those communities.

But we still have a long way to reach the quality of available services. In Visualfy, we want to enhance service accessibility for people with different capabilities.

  • Comply with the current regulations regarding the acceptance of personal and linguistic differences as a source of social wealth.
  • Promote the use and application of the possibilities offered by ICTs to the inclusion and design for everyone.
  • Implement measures to optimize the autonomy and social presence of the deaf as independent citizens.
  • Create business mindsets in line with social objectives that are beneficial to both traditional parallel spheres.
  • Educate and train young people with different capabilities to enhance their employability in the future.

In a world guided by a quick development generated by technological innovation, globalization and greater tolerance to diversity, our vision is to achieve higher levels of success for accessibility of people with different capabilities.

We are very demanding with ourselves and we challenge what is commonly believed about the limits a person with differential capabilities can reach, and this is why Visualfy will continue working to help achieving a positive change and innovation for these communities.

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