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Currently we are undergoing testing and accessibility may not be available.

Soon we enjoy all the web adapted to sign language and other improvements in accessibility.

Sorry for the disturbances.



We work to improve our society by giving full accessibility to our projects.

Our goal is to enhance accessibility service for people with differential capabilities. Using mobile applications (App), we offer the possibility to adapt any device to convert it into an Accessible Terminal.

The improvement and development of accessibility in our environment must be done progressively. It's our job to prevent the generation of new barriers and removing existing barriers through information and communications technology.

Visualfy's mission is to create greater opportunities for people with hearing problems helping them reach their full potential.

Being a project supported in part by deaf people, the immediate benefit is for the group itself, not only by the possibility of creating jobs and promoting the employment of young deaf people, because 0.7% of revenue of this project is donated to organizations of the Deaf. This contribution is intended to train young deaf in information and communications technology. Thus the recommendations of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities are followed, in addition to providing an effective solution to the inaccessibility faced by Deaf People in their homes and in public buildings.

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