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Over 8 years working with and for Deaf Community

This company was founded in October 2007 by the name of Gamexocs, in the beginning it was dedicated to the sale and repair of video games, consoles and computers, with the passage of time, as the number of customers and services raises, is decided to specialize in website design, business management software development and computer maintenance service for businesses.


Milestones achieved

Visualfy visits Israel and collaborates with the Commercial Office of the Spanish Embassy in Tel Aviv.

Visualfy visited Israel as part of a delegation organized by ICEX, and Asociación ADigital between the 14th and 16th of March. The delegation had a common agenda that included corporate visits, meetings, and networking events in order to meet the local entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Likewise, in collaboration with the Commercial Office of the Embassy of Spain in Tel Aviv, we were offered the possibility to organize custom agendas for the 13th and 17th of March.

From Visualfy we thank the entire organization for the great work done, we already have several dealers interested, relations with entities of deaf at a national level and support from the Embassy at institutional level.

Milestones achieved

Manel Alcaide presenting new product Dss Visualfy.

Having won two awards from Vodafone in the same week, the Vodafone Big Smart City awards in Portugal in the category of IoT and the Vodafone Innovation in Spain in the category of M2M, we were invited to have a space at the Vodafone stand during the Mobile World Congress 2016 to be able to present the first Deaf Smart Space demo.

From 22th to 25th of February more than 101,000 people from 240 countries attended the Congress. The Visualfy demo was one of the most visited, especially by the different public administrations which came to the Vodafone stand and showed great interest in our solution.

Currently we have signed an agreement with Generalitat Valenciana to install the first pilot building in Tower 2 of the Ciudad Administrativa 9 de Octubre and we are in talks with city councils in Madrid and Barcelona.



Milestones achieved

Recognition to Visualfy in the category Advances.

On December 1, it was a great day for Visualfy again.

We started the day in Santiago at the official presentation of the Vodafone Innovation Awards and the same day at 19:00 pm we picked the first prize in the category ADVANCE of the IX Instituto IDEAS UPV Awards.

During the ceremony, a total of 28,500 euros, divided into 21 prizes and 3 second prize, plus the awards to the business career of Viccarbe and Inaki Berenguer as Emprende Ideas UPV Ambassador, and the honorary award went to Santander Universities.

Thanks to these awards, we are achieving that a modest Valencian Startup is managing to make great strides and struggling to position itself as the world leader company of, by and for deaf people.

Visualfy, Good Things are Coming

Milestones achieved

Visualfy participates in the Big Smart Cities.

Last May we were selected to participate in the Big Smart Cities  organized by Vodafone Portugal in Lisbon. The next day to participate in the IX Vodafone Innovation Awards in Spain we flew to Portugal.

From June 18th to June 24th we were working hard to improve our business model through mentors such as Miguel Muñoz Duarte of iMatch, Nuno Machado Lopes of TudoMudou, Luis Matos Martins of Territórios Criativos or Nuno Inacio of Vodafone Portugal among many others.

There were several days of workshops, elevator pitchs, training, conferences... We prepare our first demo and improve our elevator pitch and as a result we won in the Internet of Things category.

We will always keep fond memories of this week thanks to the iMatch girls team, Patricia Cuenca, Ana Carolina Loureiro, Ana Gagean, Vera Chaves and Joana Geraldes. Girls, thank you very much.

Milestones achieved

Visualfy managed to register its mark as European Trade Mark.

After nearly two years of struggle, research, conduct the Study of the State of the Art and the Operation Freedom Report, last September 29th at 12:30 (CET) was presented at the SPTO of Madrid, patent application under number P201531381 by lawyers Elzaburu & Olleros with which we are currently preparing to expand the memorandum to the EPO and the PCT.

Continuing our protection strategy, we have registered the brand Visualfy as European Trade Mark under Classes 9 and 38, as well as in China and USA.

At the same time we have booked this domains:


And booked this new domains:

  • visualfy.web


Milestones achieved

In September 2015 we were selected to participate in Startup Scaleup of Startup Europe. A six-month program aimed to ensure the success of the selected IoT Startups.

It is a combination of events, online resources, experienced mentors, IO experts, developers and facilities for monthly events that ensure each project achieves their KPIs.

The journey has begun with the "IoTs week" held from October 26th to October 30th in Madrid International Lab; an intense program of activities, conferences and workshops covering all the basics to make our startups grow. This week was also an opportunity to meet the fellow teams and ourselves better. We also take this encounter to agree on some KPIs.

The program ends in each hub with a local event pitch and the best teams will be sent to a European IoT event to meet investors, developers and potential customers.

Milestones achieved

The Special Envoy of the United Nations Secretary-General on Disability and Accessibility acknowledges Visualfy's work and congratulates them.

I just met the Visualfy app and I want to congratulate you for so valuable tool for people with hearing and visual impairment.

In my capacity of Special Envoy of the Secretary-General of the United Nations on Disability and Accessibility I have been insisting that ICT have to devote to caring for people with disabilities because they have been forgotten among the forgotten and they have waited too long already to be taken into account in all: public policies, basic services, social organizations and so on.

Visualfy incorporates an extra aspect in this call for science and supportive technology, which is to involve the same people with disabilities throughout the process, from research to the release and marketing.

I agree absolutely with you in that "convert barriers in quarries to build a better future for young people" and I'm excited the interest and dedication they are putting in train new generations of deaf in an inclusive world.

I hope that Visualfy can soon be downloaded from any platform and I would like to have more contact with you to learn closely about not only the scope of the application but Fusió d'Arts, the core of Visualfy.

My supportive hug goes to all the beautiful team that is crystallizing the dream of inclusion.

Milestones achieved

Visualfy wins the Vodafone Innovation Awards.

The same week that we went to Big Smart Cities in Lisbon, we were introducing our project to the IX Vodafone Innovation Awards members of the jury composed by: Francisco Marín, CDTI CEO; Agustín Cordón, Vicepresident of Barcelona Mobile World Capital Foundation; Ricardo Gabarró, Grupo EULEN R&D Manager; Miguel Ángel Valero, CEAPAT CEO; Rodrigo Hilario, RENFE Strategy Manager; Blanca Echániz, Special Services Manager of Vodafone Spain; Enrique Martín, Vodafone Spain Innovation Manager; Mª Satur Torre, Vodafone Spain Foundation Innovation Manager; and Mercedes Gómez, Responsible for broadcasting and institutional relations of the Vodafone Spain Foundation.

Just the day before flying to Lisbon we heard the good news. We were the Vodafone Innovation Awards Winner in M2M (Machine to Machine)

We want to thank all the members of the jury and the Vodafone Foundation the trust placed in us and the support that they continue providing us.

Milestones achieved

Visualfy was selected Startup Next from Google for Entrepreneurs.

We continue to work and continue with new achievements. April 2015 started six weeks acceleration at the Valencia Plug and Play headquarters because we were selected in Startup Next of Google for Entrepreneurs.

In the six weeks we had several days of training and mentoring of the hand of businessmen and entrepreneurs with extensive experience as Iker Marcaide, Javier Megias, Juan Luis Hortelano, Ruben Colomer, Ismael Teijon, Dobón Jorge Javier de la Llave.

We take this opportunity to thank all of the assistance provided during the program.


Milestones achieved

Visualfy wins the G5 Innova Awards.

And the second time around New York, began successes in Spain.

When we arrived they told us that we were finalists in the first edition of the G5 Innova Awards, organized by the G5 Group.

The final event was held at the BBVA Innovation Center in Madrid that became the epicenter of social entrepreneurship, where the three finalists Aprendices Visuales, Cerqana and Visualfy, share the stage to present the different social aspects that bring our projects and as the Information and Communications Technology can help bring a little more just world.

And finally, the jury decided that Visualfy is alzase with the award and a cash prize of 7.000€ which was donated to the creation of a promotional campaign of our new system in a few months will come out.


Milestones achieved

Visualfy was selected for Venture Out New York.

Christmas also came full of good news.

On 10th January 2015 we returned to New York because we had been selected in Venture Out New York, specializes in the search of private investment for technology startups worldwide program.

There we came back with greater force if possible, as large companies met Sailthru meetup or WeWork, had meetings with successful entrepreneurs such as Bernardo Hernández we had elevators pich and round robins with signs as FF Venture Capita, Gotham Ventures, New York Business Angels or Empire Angels.

Milestones achieved

The European Union granted to Visualfy the Phase 1 of the Orizonte 2020 with a score of 14,23 out of 15.

On 3rd December 2014 we started the way back with a bittersweet feeling.

Professionally we learned a lot, we made good contacts and hold discussions with various Business Angels and Venture Capital.

But we are leaving behind an incredible city, an impressive entrepreneurial ecosystem, some excellent colleagues and friends with whom we shared 24 hours a day and now we did not know when we would see.

A few days before the turn, we got a notice from the European Union that made the drink was less hard, we had been awarded fhase 1 of Horizon 2020 with a score of 14.23 to 15.00.

This was another shot of adrenaline, this is not just in New York, had just begun. Thanks to this grant we have been able to validate the business model, make the patent system and strengthen our strategic partnerships necessary to convert Visualfy a reality.


Milestones achieved

Visualfy are finalists of the Telefónica Ability Awards in Spain.

The fighting continued every day to improve the business model and find the investment needed to carry the project forward. And the good news kept coming.

In November receive an email notifying us that we were Telefónica Ability Awards finalists in Spain. It was a great happiness and at the same time quite complicated.

We tried to meetings via Skype, attending events in streaming, with a time difference of six hours was not easy, and we also missed several live events as we could not afford to be flying from one place to another.

But we enjoyed the experience and generate new synergies that helped us to grow as a business and as individuals.


Milestones achieved

Visualfy are finalists of the Business Plan Competition of the Chamber of Commerce SPAIN-U.S.

While en route to New York, we found out that we had been selected finalists of the Business Plan Competition of the Chamber of Commerce SPAIN-U.S.

It was a competition for Spanish residents in New York, but having been selected Startups Mansion, we were allowed to participate. Of the 32 various entrepreneurs we present to the competition but only two were selected.

The event was held at the building of the Gabarrón Foundation on 28th September 2014, newly arrived in town without a high command of English, but there were trying to explain our idea to a jury of renowned:

JORGE MATA CEO, FDI Corp / Chair of the Technology Committee of the Spain-U.S. Chamber of Commerce

CARLOS PUJOL President of the Spain-U.S. Chamber of Commerce


ALFREDO TIMERMANS CEO, Telefónica Internacional USA

EMANUEL MARTINEZ General Managing Director for GreenHills Ventures, LLC

ALEJANDRO CREMADES Co-Founder and CEO, Onevest


Milestones achieved

Visualfy was selected to participate in Startups Mansion New York.

In August 2014 Visualfy received great news, we had been selected to participate in Startups Mansion New York, we didn't know the world of startups, we didn't dominated the language, we didn't know exactly where the program was, but it was there waiting for the Big Apple had been selected and if we should take the opportunity and try to learn the most from the experience.

So, last 10th September 2014 began a great adventure. 32 entrepreneurs, mostly Spanish and 6 people in the organization, we were about to share a house 24 hours a day for three full months across the ocean, in the Heart of Silicon Valley.

The intention was to share experiences and knowledge to develop new or improve existing projects and get prepare the perfect business plan for presentation to US investors.

Three months were very intense, full of enthusiasm and desire to learn. Three months of hard work, joys and decepcciones. Three months of new knowledge and new people. Three months of fresh air that made ​​us see things differently and begin the arduous path of entrepreneurship in a technology startup.

Now after a year we can only look back and thank the par organization trusting us, peers to be there in good times and bad, friends and helps the family to be Visualfy fans unconditional and all, all the people who trust us to get soon a more equal future.


Milestones achieved

In five months Visualfy had 5000 downloads in 122 countries.

In just five months we had more than 5,000 downloads in 122 countries .

This made us think and start to analyze the competition, having meetings with associations of deaf and users interested in the idea.

We realized that adapting the Smartphone seemed interesting for them but what they really wanted was to improve their quality of life and safety within their homes. Therefore we decided to create our "Deaf Smart Space", a pioneering system that collects sound information from the environment and sends it to our Smartphone or Wearable through visual or sensory signals.

So we can send an alert to the user lighting up his mobile screen, with a green colour when the doorbell rings, yellow when the baby cries or red if the fire alarm sounds.

Milestones achieved

Visualfy was selected at Emprende Weekend.

April 4th and 5th, 2014 were two very special days for us. We were selected in Weekend Emprende and we spent a whole weekend improving our project with endless mentors such as Pedro Muro, Managenent expert, Jesús P. López Pelaz, Abogadoamigo Manager, Eduardo Pérez, CEO, Salvador Gil, University Professor in Physics and Economics, Javier Peris, expert in electronic communications, Maite Montón, lawyer and founding partner of Monton Sotos, Miguel Ángel Cintas, Marketing Director of Visionaria or Vicente Benlloch, Computer Engineer, Telecommunications Technical Engineer and Master in Business Administration among many others.

It was the first real contact with the entrepreneurship ecosystem and meant an adrenaline shot to be able to share experiences and opinions with people who devote their time selflessly to help other projects and at the same time served to discover the long but exciting path left to know.

We also whare the experience with Tu Marca Blanca and Aitana Star, and with the latter we continue having a close relationship.

Milestones achieved

It all started in the summer of 2013, at that then we were filming the short film called Identidad, for which we have received various awards in several countries. In one of the meetings, my phone vibrated on the table and a deaf person alerted me that they were calling me. By saying that it was a message, not a call, he asked me how I knew it without even looking and I told him that I had set up a different sound for each notification.

After several years working side by side with deaf people, we realized that there are endless needs to cover and technology can help us solve it.

Hearing people tend to have a sound for each notification, Facebook has a sound, WhatsApp has another or a different ringtone for each contact on the agenda. So we decided to create Visualfy, with this app, deaf people could set up their Smartphone screen so it glows green with three short vibrations when a WhatsApp message is received, or blue with a long vibration when a Facebook notification appears and show it in the entire screen. In addition both the APP and the web are adapted to any means of communication, either subtitles, audio or Sign Language.

On November 5, 2013, we publish on Facebook the presentation of the Visualfy APP that adapts notifications we receive daily on our Smartphones.


2013 was one of the most complicated years for our welfare state, we see that we lose fundamental rights day by day and one of the groups most affected by the cuts has been people with functional diversity.

The reality in which we live together with our experience has prompted us to gather a group of professionals both deaf and hearing in order to create a project capable of breaking down social barriers, capable of giving way to a new revolution.

That is why in November 2013 we introduced Visualfy, the first app created by deaf and hearing capable of giving accessibility to notifications of mobile terminals and tablets.

But Visualfy is not meant to be one more app, it aims to teach society that the affected ones can take new paths that open doors to a future of higher quality.

That is why we need your collaboration, with the help of all we can make this project a reality, do not wait any longer and join the revolution.


Due to excessive work and the crisis situation that strikes Spain, in January 2012 is decided to give up Fusió d'Arts Association and continue only with Fusió d'Arts Technology S.L. business activity. At the same time is created, within it, a new department of Events aimed to create workshops and cultural non-profit activities, with the goal of bringing culture and artistic expressions wherever they like to be enjoyed, breaking social barriers and integrating communities.


Fesord, federation of deaf people of the Valencian Community.


In September 2011, an organizational change in society is decided and Fusió d'Arts Technology SL is created, which continues to offer the same services, adding the ability to create accessible developments to any community.


Fusió D'Arts organizes the 1st Conference of Artistic Expression.


It was not until 2010 when Fusió d'Arts Association and GX Informática cross paths and begins a collaboration between them. Thanks to the activities of the Association and the daily contact with deaf people, GX Informática decides to have a new vision, begins working with Accessible Computing and R&D focuses on taking advantage of ICT to create new systems that help eliminate different social barriers.


Aside from GX Informática, Fusió d'Arts Association is created in January 2009, dedicated to perform art and cultural activities, affordable to any community.

In January 2009 the Fusió d'Arts Association was created.

As its name suggests, Fusió d'Arts brings together the most diverse techniques and training (music, dance, video creations, sign language, narrative, theater, circus ...). It is not subtracting but adding: join efforts, adding resources, adding sensitivities, adding dreams and create realities where we all are reflected. This is why these activities are aimed at bringing the general public the specific characteristics of the Deaf Community, as well as encourage and develop activities to promote cultural events by and for the Deaf Community.


In January 2009 they decided to rename GX Informática.

Due to the past of the company and driven by government changes, in January 2009 came the decision to rename the company to GX Informática and stop selling games, focusing efforts in providing good service to professionals while giving a very competitive price.


Gamexocs was born in October 2007.

This company was founded in October 2007 by the name of Gamexocs, in the beginning it was dedicated to the sale and repair of video games, consoles and computers, with the passage of time, as the number of customers and services raises, is decided to specialize in website design, business management software development and computer maintenance service for businesses.

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