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Currently we are undergoing testing and accessibility may not be available.

Soon we enjoy all the web adapted to sign language and other improvements in accessibility.

Sorry for the disturbances.

About Us

Visualfy is a unique project, in which deaf and hearing people join efforts to satisfy the demand of society.

A Spanish company consolidated in the IT sector with an extensive experience on Accessible Technology and Digital Art.

Through innovative and trusted services, talented people, a responsible approach, a corporate and global citizenship and collaboration with our partners and customers, Visualfy is breaking down social barriers to show the world that equality is not only a right but a reality.



We research to provide real solutions

From Visualfy we work to improve society. We aim to enhance the accessibility of people with different capabilities applying the use of INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS TECHNOLOGY (ICT) to avoid creating new barriers and to remove existing ones.

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Over 8 years working with and for Deaf Community

This company was founded in October 2007 by the name of Gamexocs, in the beginning it was dedicated to the sale and repair of video games, consoles and computers, with the passage of time, as the number of customers and services raises, is decided to specialize in website design, business management software development and computer maintenance service for businesses.


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Our values represent our identity as a collective.

We are different because people who work for Visualfy make this company a unique and distinctive project.

We are creative, we look for innovation, we work together with those affected, we know how to communicate and we take into account our customer at all times for satisfy their needs and expectations.

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We work to improve our society by giving full accessibility to our projects.

Our goal is to enhance accessibility service for people with differential capabilities. Using mobile applications (App), we offer the possibility to adapt any device to convert it into an Accessible Terminal.

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In the last years we have experienced many changes regarding people with hearing problems.

Due to new accessibility laws established in some countries, projects like Visualfy make available basic needs such as access to international communication that a few years ago were unthinkable for those communities.

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Visualfy see us, hear us and support us

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